To be an artist one must spend years honing a wide variety of technical skills, commit a considerable investment in a studio, equipment and supplies, and work in solitude for long hours to produce art that may or may not be appreciated by others;  plus at the same time holding down a “regular” job for survival.

For the majority of artists the payoff is not financial or even respect within the community.

So why would anyone do that?

I continue to do that because when I create art I feel intensely alive.  Like making music.

My artwork has always centered around printmaking, a medium of endless variety. 

There is such a diversity of technique that I never get bored.  There are always challenges and visual surprises to learn from.  My main print medium is water-based screen printing.  I use the squeegee and the screen as a painter would use a brush, as a way to apply color to the surface rather than to produce an edition of  identical prints.

Most of my prints are classified as “monoprint” or “monotype”, one-of-a-kind artworks each unique in color or composition, but also containing common elements within a series.

I also include painting, drawing, and photography as my media.  Recently, archival digital printing has been my technique of choice.  Patterns and textures have factored into much of my digital work, where I combine traditional print and watercolor images with digital techniques, spawning another direction entirely  (see for examples of pattern designs available for licensing).

The website you are viewing contains only a sampling of my fine art over a 35 year period.  If you are interested in  a particular series or  a specific work, seeing

more of a series,

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availability, media or

price,  contact me.

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